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Friday, August 27, 2010

Balloon Rides - A Must Do

As far as I was concerned, balloon rides were something that belonged to yester years. I spent my last summer in Jaipur with my family. It was an experience that was out of the world. Much of the initial days were spent in Rajasthan sightseeing. Then I came to know from our guide about hot air balloon flights. I was very much intrigued by the idea. My reaction was, "is it possible here in India? I never knew". The guide laughed and explained about the companies that offer balloon rides. Even state tourism is promoting them.

Every balloon has a story to tell, but up in the air. I enquirer about the seasons, locations and balloon festivals held by the Jaipur tourism department. They gave us a few handouts and I asked them about the prices. I believe it is not that high compared to the novel and rare experience. So I discussed it with my family and we all came to the decision that we would save up the next three months and go for the magic of ancient way of flying with my entire family.

I could not forgo a chance to go through this extremely romantic aviation sport. True to my word I arrived on the spot with my family, all excited beyond words. I could feel my senses tingling as we sore higher and higher. I will not tell you anymore. Let me stop where I am still floating across the clouds. Balloon rides for adventure, I say, is a must do.

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