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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Fun in a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Rajasthan is always on the radar of international and local tourists looking for a historical and vibrant travel destination in India. The state government has provided special travel packages labeled Rajasthan Tours to provide tourists with facilities to see, hear and feel the princely kingdom and its many sights and sounds. These packages also have special arrangements such as Ayurvedic spas and medicine clinics for busy entrepreneurs and professionals looking for a place to unwind and relax in for their annual vacations.

Numerous other facilities are available for tourists opting for Rajasthan Tours such as shopping excursions which allow tourists to experience and visit the state’s handloom industry and allow them to buy its many traditional products. These hand made products are generally developed by small time artisans and craftsmen to depict the tradition and culture of the region. They are the perfect souvenirs for those looking to buy gifts for their friends or families back home. Also available are hot air balloon rides for those looking for adventure and enthusiasm on their trip to Rajasthan. While the concept of the hot air balloon ride as an adventure sport is relatively new to India, and definitely a modern tourism idea for the desert state, the sport has been prevalent in other parts of the world for years.

Hot Air Balloon

In Rajasthan however the sport is slowly catching up as a tourist attraction and its vast and seemingly infinite desert and sand dunes provide a perfect landscape for a hot air balloon ride. This has attracted and enthralled an entirely new breed of tourists comprising of amateurs, newbie’s and professional ballooners who are willing to come to Rajasthan to experience its brilliant balloon riding facilities first hand and take home some interesting and adrenaline pumping stories and experiences to share with their colleagues and friends.

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